About company

Company «A&T TRADE» was established in 1990 with headquarter in Beverly Hills (California, USA). Ever since we developed rapidly and became the largest integrator and distributor in the field of the professional audio and video equipment, TV and radio broadcasting systems, satellite communication systems  in the territory of Russia, CIS countries and Baltic states. 

The activity in Latvia started from the sales of the musical instruments and professional audio systems by such world-known brands like KORG, SURE, Ibanez… (more detailed information at www.attrademusic.lv)

In 1998 our company extended its activities in Hi-Tech area, establishing “Hi-Tech” Department, which first was reorganized into the Broadcast Department, and then into the subdivision „A&T Trade Pro”, placed in Riga (Latvia), actively developing its presence at the markets of Russia, CIS countries and Baltic states in the segments as follows: 

  • Projects design for the new technologies implementation for broadcasting systems, supply and installation of broadcast equipment,  antenna-feeder device, Microwave Relays, optical networks for streams distribution, satellite communication systems;
  • Turn-key solutions of both necessary hardware supply and installation, and software supply;
  • Satellite equipment for Internet access;
  • Supply of the professional audio and video equipment incl. design and acoustic calculations;
  • Video walls (on LED moduls)
  • Audio and video studios, including acoustic design/calculation;
  • Mobile and fixed TV Stations design and installation.

A&T Trade management particular focuses on the staff training, follows forthcoming the new product in the broadcast and telecommunication market, attending related shows like IBC, NAB etc., allowing us to realize successfully different projects, using newest technologies, maximum taking into consideration the wishes of our customers. 

Apart from „A&T Trade Pro”, there is the Logistic Division „Transocean RIX” and the custom warehouse (area about 4000 square meters) in Riga (Latvia), allowing us to arrange the freight traffic from different ports to our own custom warehouse, to make custom clearance, what makes the goods delivery cheaper and allowing us to provide also the logistic service for other clients.