Stage & light equipment


In this year company A&T TRADE has started to develop light equipment supply, installation and service work. We co-operate only with quality and experienced manufacturers as MARTIN PROFESSIONAL, SGM, ETC, ROBERT JULIET and others. The values ‚Äč‚Äčthat we choose equipment supply is equipment functionality, flawless work under different conditions and over a very long period of time.

In any event it is very important for light the quantity of equipment and the correct location. So realizing the light designer's intentions, can create a unique mood and color match for every event. A&T TRADE created light installation design solutions is to balance between optimal cost and practical, multifunctional applications with maximum efficiency. We are able to any designer, artist or director's idea convert a splendid and unique light game.

Our team carrying out the installation works are different profiles of highly qualified specialists - engineers, electricians, electronics. Delivery times and steps are agreed with the customer, to the work that we do not become an obstacle to the overall project.

As an important design element is an architectural lighting when any structure at night time look unique. A&T TRADE offers the architectural lighting in the project development level, as well as building renovation or restoration process. Equipment is LED technology and with IP65 safety standards, they are energy efficient and serve a very long time

A&T TRADE present:

• We develop the design and visualization map of lighting systems for shows, theaters, concert halls, architectural lighting, etc.

• We provide light equipment component customization and configuration of the system according to the customer preferences and abilities.

• We develop a system drawings and 3D visualization movies

• We provide all light equipment installation works, starting from the energy supply to the development of systems programming

• We provide training and certification to work with light control consoles. We organize courses of professional development.

• We provide full service of equipment, warranty and operating services


Let our possibilities to realize your wishes!